Movers Insurance for Modesto Moving

Posted on: June 19, 2015 by in Movers Modesto
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While most movers handle your good and belongings with the utmost care, accidents during travel can happen. Movers insurance makes it possible for you to get replacement of any goods which may be stolen, lost or damaged during transit with a moving company.

If you are handling the move yourself, then you will have to incur the cost of any lost or damaged items. However, if you are hiring a moving company in Modesto and want to protect yourself a little more, then considering the additional cost of movers insurance in Modesto will be something you may want to consider.

The chances of damage or lost items increase when you move the content of a house after a long stay. The protection of your possessions while moving them interstate has been ensured by Federal Law under the policies set by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety & Administration. In fact, according to this law, moving companies were made responsible for any damages caused to the goods moved by them across the state. Movers insurance for Modesto moves is simply an extended protection of this policy.

Protecting The Value of Your Goods

It makes sense that you would have to bear the cost of protecting your goods during transit. When you move your belongings through a moving company such as Pro Movers Modesto, we’ll prepare an estimated cost estimate to evaluate your moving expenses including the cost of protecting your assets.

Full Replacement Value Movers Insurance

This insurance option, known as full valuation insurance, holds hired Modesto moving companies responsible for replacing any damaged, stolen or lost goods during the move by providing their full value. The initial estimate should reflect the legitimate, full value replacement of the goods. Though this is the best protection you can get for your belongings on the move, if you want to reduce the cost of your move by waiving off types of moving insurance, then you will be forced to sacrifice the level of protection for your belongings by looking at other insurance options.

Released Value Movers Insurance

A low cost option for moving insurance is known as released value insurance which you can opt in for after waiving off full value insurance. This insurance coverage is almost free of cost and except for the mandated coverage by laws, provides the least amount of coverage. In this option, the value of gods is assessed on the basis of their weigh and the movers are held liable to only pay 60 cents per pound of the goods damaged, stolen or lost on the move.

Third Party Movers Insurance

This moving insurance option allows you to buy specific coverage for the goods on your move. It will allow you to claim the value of the possession lost, stolen or damaged in the transit, but only after the moving company contributes its legal share. This type of coverage is administered by a third party company.

It’s best to look at different factors of your move before deciding which type of insurance is best for you. Are you moving internationally, cross country or only a short distance? Your circumstances and move will dictate which insurance is right for you. Be sure to check out our Modesto moving checklist in order to be ready for your big moving day!

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